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Has the Number of People Smoking Gone Down?

Discover how many people smoke in the UK, and the best alternative to smoking following the imposed ban.

2022-08-15 08:25:33 By ZYN

Behind ZYN

The Khan Review: Vaping is not the Only Alternative to Smoking

Discover what the findings of the Khan Review mean for the smoke-free 2030 campaign and the use of vape devices and nicotine pouches.

2022-07-11 07:25:44By ZYN

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Why Have Menthol Cigarettes Been Banned in the UK?

Discover why the menthol cigarettes ban was introduced in the UK and whether the ban has worked here.

2022-06-29 11:08:37By ZYN

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Behind ZYN

What Does the Future Hold for Nicotine?

Find out more about the future of nicotine as the UK prepares to go smoke free...

2022-06-15 09:41:23 By ZYN