Behind ZYN

Our Journey to America’s #1 Nicotine Pouch

Swedish Match, the makers of ZYN, are inspired by one vision: a world without cigarettes.

With over a billion smokers worldwide at the time of writing, this may seem ambitious, but we are as proud of our products as we are inspired by the vision that drives us.

To help us make our goal a reality, we created ZYN nicotine pouches – a tobacco free and smoke free way of enjoying nicotine. The pouches have proved to be popular. Very popular. In fact, we’re proud to say that ZYN is America’s number one nicotine pouch brand.

Here, we take a look at what ZYN nicotine pouches are, how ZYN has sold over 165 million cans in America, and what’s next for our brand…

What is a ZYN nicotine pouch?

ZYN is a discreet nicotine pouch that you pop under your top lip to enjoy up to an hour of nicotine – without tobacco, smoke or vapour. Our pouches come in five refreshing flavours:

  • Cool Mint – this flavour delivers a cooling menthol taste with notes of peppermint.
  • Spearmint – this pouch has a light character, with a slight sweetness and refreshing taste.
  • Citrus – this fresh and vibrant flavour features notes of orange and lemongrass.
  • Espressino – this coffee flavoured nicotine pouch also includes hints of chocolate, nougat and vanilla.
  • Bellini – inspired by the popular cocktail, this refreshing flavour includes hints of peach, fruit tea and green grapes.

Why did we choose to launch nicotine pouches now?

Despite the basic idea of nicotine pouches dating back to the early 19th century, we believe that the need for genuine smoke-free nicotine products has never been greater today.

We offer a true tobacco free alternative to smoking and vaping. ZYN provides the pleasure that recreational nicotine use brings, without the smoke that traditionally comes with it – be it cigarette smoke or vape pen vapour. It is the smoker’s alternative to smoking and inhaling tobacco, as we move towards a ‘smoke-free’ country.

In June 2021, five English councils banned smoking outdoors. With coronavirus and lockdown restrictions moving pubs to pavements, restaurants to the roadside and cafes al-fresco, the need for a substitute to smoking has never been greater. Our nicotine pouches provide that relief.

How ZYN became America’s number 1 nicotine pouch

ZYN was initially launched in America in 2014 and offers consumers a discreet way to take nicotine without the smell and taste associated with alternatives such as cigarettes.

Having started to sell our products in just 12 shops and petrol stations throughout Colorado, we noticed a gradual increase in sales, so we rolled out to more stores and sales continued to grow.

ZYN continued to gain popularity amongst smokers who didn’t want to miss a moment, wishing for a convenient alternative to leaving their conversations and going outside to smoke.

In 2017, we sold 4 million cans of ZYN and the revolution begun…

By 2018, over 12 million cans of ZYN had been sold in 11 states, and in 2019, we sold 50 million cans in 62,000 stores across America.

2020 was our most successful year so far – we sold over 114 million cans in more than 100,000 stores in the US. With new flavours on the way and over a billion smokers worldwide, it is time for the revolution to travel across the Atlantic Ocean…

After our success in America, we’re delighted to be launching in the UK. We’re looking forward to helping you engage in conversation and discussions with old friends, and make connections with new ones, without having to miss a moment. Try ZYN today with a free sample, or by choosing one of our five refreshing flavours.



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