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How are ZYN Nicotine Pouches Made?

Now more than ever, we are asking about where the things we use day to day come from. Whether it’s out of concern for our health, the environment or the people behind a given product, we have become a generation of conscientious consumers.

Of course, it is only natural then that you might have questions about how ZYN nicotine pouches are made and what they are made of. Here, we will answer all of these questions and more, starting from the bottom and working upwards.

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are a smoke-free and tobacco-free way of enjoying nicotine. These small white pouches are placed under your top lip, for up to an hour of nicotine release. ZYN nicotine pouches come in five refreshing flavours – Bellini, Cool Mint, Spearmint, Espressino and Citrus.

Crucially, as well as being smoke-free and tobacco-free, nicotine pouches are also cable-free and battery-free. They don’t require replacement cartridges, charging or additional hardware to enjoy, you can pop a pouch under your lip wherever you are, even right in the middle of a meeting, and not miss a moment.

What are ZYN nicotine pouches made of?

High quality, pharmaceutical-grade nicotine sits at the heart of ZYN nicotine pouches. This is the foundation that we build upon with sweeteners, flavourings, fillers and stabilisers of food grade quality to create five unique flavours.

How are ZYN nicotine pouches made?

For starters, the nicotine contained in ZYN pouches is extracted from natural tobacco leaves. This nicotine core is then supported with carefully selected aromas and cellulose fibres to create the best possible flavour experience, no matter which you buy.

While the processes mixing these ingredients together is fully automated, quality control and testing in our factories is anything but. We are meticulous and exacting in our approach here, ensuring consistently high quality no matter the flavour, strength or batch number.

All of ZYN’s products are made in accordance with Sweden’s ‘Nicotine-containing, tobacco-free oral products – Safety and quality related requirements’. This technical specification is intended to ensure that product and consumer safety requirements for nicotine pouches are adhered to, as well as establishing limits for nicotine content and pH. It also lays out specific requirements for ingredients, materials and labelling.

What size are ZYN nicotine pouches?

We use a ‘mini’ format for our nicotine pouches, meaning they measure either 14mm by 28mm or 14mm by 32mm. That makes it one of the most discreet nicotine pouches formats available on the market today. It also makes them easier to use and significantly thinner than larger alternatives.

What do ZYN nicotine pouches feel like?

Once you have slipped a ZYN pouch under your top lip, within seconds you will feel a gentle tingling sensation. It can feel strange at first, but you will get used to it. It’s a firm sign that the pouch is working and nicotine is starting to be released.

We hope with the above we have provided some reassurance about the processes and decisions that bring ZYN nicotine pouches to life. For more information about where the original idea of creating nicotine pouches came from, look no further than our earlier blog “The Birth of the Nicotine Pouch”.

The Birth of the Nicotine Pouch

Behind ZYN

The Birth of the Nicotine Pouch

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2021-06-17 12:06:17By ZYN

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