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The Khan Review: Vaping is not the Only Alternative to Smoking

You might have seen The Khan Review in the news recently. This independent report by Dr Javed Khan looks at ways of supporting the government’s ambition to make England smoke-free by 2030.1 

One of the review’s recommendations is to offer vaping as an alternative to smoking because it’s less harmful than traditional cigarettes. 

Which makes total sense. Except for one important thing. It completely ignores the extra benefits offered by tobacco-free nicotine pouches like ZYN. 

You can’t always vape…

Although it’s not technically illegal, we all know plenty of places don’t allow vaping indoors, from public transport to shops, bars and restaurants. You probably can’t do it at work, either, unless you go outside and away from your colleagues.  

When officials talk about going ‘smoke-free’, they’re actually including vapour as well. If the government follows The Khan Review’s recommendations, it will increase the number of places where smoking and vaping are banned.  

… But you can always ZYN

ZYN is a tobacco-free nicotine pouch. With no vapour, you can truly ZYN anywhere. And that’s not all. 

Here’s what we know so far. ZYN is based on the Swedish tradition of snus. While traditional snus contains tobacco, it’s still found to be 1000 times less harmful than cigarettes according to the Royal College of Physicians. Or, to put it another way, the risks of cancer are reduced by 98%. 2,3 

The scientists are still investigating, but as ZYN goes one step further than snus and doesn’t contain any tobacco at all, those risks can only go one way – even lower.  

Get your nicotine replacement kick

So yes, you can still get your nicotine kick and help the country enjoy cleaner air thanks to ZYN tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Which, as a ZYN user, you’ve already figured out.  

Dr Khan did recommend that nicotine pouches are better regulated, which we welcome. But we believe Dr Khan and the government have missed a trick by focusing solely on vaping as an alternative to smoking. Feel free to spread the word yourself. And remind any smokers and vapers you know that they can try ZYN for free, right here at



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