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Available Now: ZYN Extra Strong Cool Mint Nicotine Pouches

Introducing the first of our extra strong ZYN nicotine pouches, Extra Strong Cool Mint. Containing 9mg of nicotine, our Extra Strong ZYN cans are the strongest strength of nicotine we offer.

The first thing you will notice is that the Cool Mint flavour you have already enjoyed from ZYN is the same, no matter which strength of ZYN nicotine pouch you opt for. From Mellow to Regular, Strong and now Extra Strong, the Cool Mint flavour you know and love is exactly as you expect it to be. A handy balance between a cooling menthol taste and subtle notes of peppermint, Cool Mint is our most popular flavour for a reason.

What is ZYN Extra Strong?

ZYN Extra Strong is an alternative to those smokers and vapers who want to move to  an inhalation-free alternative that still provides satisfactory levels of nicotine.

How else is ZYN Extra Strong different to ZYN Mellow, Regular or Strong?

These extra strong mint nicotine pouches are slightly larger and heavier than other ZYN nicotine pouches. It is visually noticeable, though given that Extra Strong pouches are only 0.31g heavier than other ZYN pouches, they are still completely discreet in use.

Which strength of nicotine pouch is right for me?

The strength of nicotine pouch we recommend depends on your current use of tobacco and nicotine products  such as traditional cigarettes, vape pens or e-cigarettes. The more you use, the higher the strength of nicotine pouch you will be better suited to.

Of course, you can easily try different strengths to get a full handle on which of our nicotine pouches is right for you. You could even start on one strength and shift upwards or downwards through our range until you find a perfect fit that leaves you feeling satiated.

Where to buy ZYN Extra Strong Cool Mint

ZYN Extra Strong Cool Mint is available now, and can be bought through our store. Try a free sample today, to see if Extra Strong is the strength of nicotine pouch you’ve been waiting for.

Remember, our nicotine pouches are also available in Mellow, Regular and Strong, which contain 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg of nicotine respectively. There are also five different flavours to mix, match and try for yourself – Citrus, Espressino, Cool Mint, Spearmint and Bellini. Browse the full range of ZYN nicotine pouches below.



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