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Introducing ZYN’s Black Cherry Flavoured Nicotine Pouches

With Halloween creeping up on us fast, we thought it was the perfect time to announce our newest flavour, the devilishly delicious ZYN Black Cherry Nicotine Pouch.

Black Cherry is a classic flavour that’s popular across all categories, from cola to vaping. So, we thought it was time to introduce Black Cherry to the already impressive selection of ZYN flavours.

Available in Strong, with 6mg of nicotine per pouch, these convenient and discreet nicotine pouches can be used anywhere at any time. This makes ZYN Black Cherry an ideal smoke-free alternative that can help to save you money, with 20 nicotine pouches costing nearly half the price of the average pack of cigarettes.1 You can also enjoy ZYN without having to abandon your friends and go to a smoking area…

What does ZYN Black Cherry taste like?

Inspired by the classic fruit taste that’s loved worldwide, ZYN Black Cherry nicotine pouches offer a sweet and fruity taste. The taste also features hints of almond and caramel, which serve to elevate and amplify the rich fruity flavour, without it becoming tart or overpowering.

How to use ZYN Black Cherry

Like all our nicotine pouches, our Black Cherry flavour is super easy to use.

Simply pop a nicotine pouch between your upper lip and gum and leave for up to 30 minutes for nicotine that doesn’t leave you smelling of smoke.

Where can you buy ZYN Black Cherry?

These Black Cherry nicotine pouches are available exclusively online and can only be bought right here on the ZYN website.

If you’re new to ZYN, you can even try our Black Cherry flavour at no cost by ordering a free sample. Simply head to our Try ZYN page and follow the steps.

As well as Black Cherry, ZYN nicotine pouches are available in these flavours:

You can even save money by creating a personalised bundle – get 3 cans for £15 or 10 for £40 using the Build Your Own Bundle tool on the website.

Explore the full range of ZYN flavours using the links below.

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Office for National Statistics (2022) ‘RPI: Ave price – Cigarettes 20 king size filter’ <https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/inflationandpriceindices/timeseries/czmp> [Accessed: 12 September 2022]



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