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If you’re already familiar with ZYN, you’ll be aware that you can save money on our nicotine pouches by building your own bundle. These bundles allow you to save money while trying new flavours and strengths.

As a natural progression from this, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our pre-selected bundles, which combine our best-loved flavours and strengths – taking away the difficulty of choosing which flavours and strengths are right for you.

Each of these new bundles – The Starter, Best Seller, Mild Mix Pack and Strong Mix Pack – has been designed with you in mind. So, whether you’re new to ZYN or an experienced nicotine pouch user, we’ve something to suit every taste and need.

Don’t worry, those great savings haven’t gone anywhere either!

Why choose ZYN pre-selected bundles?

These new ZYN bundles are the perfect way to get to grips with our variety of different flavours and strengths. Don’t forget there are also some great savings to be made too, which is always a bonus.

All these bundles give you the full ZYN experience and allow you to use nicotine without having to go out to a smoking area.

The Starter, Best Seller and Mild Mix Pack bundles are all great options for light smokers and vapers who’re new to using nicotine pouches. The Strong Mix Pack, on the other hand, is for regular, experienced nicotine users looking to eliminate tobacco while continuing to use nicotine.

What do ZYN’s pre-selected bundles include?

Starter Bundle – £15 (saving £4.50)

Our Starter Bundle consists of three types of ZYN nicotine pouches:

This bundle is ideal if you’re a light smoker or vaper and are new to using nicotine products. This starter pack includes Gold, our sweet tobacco flavour, an alternative to the taste of traditional cigarettes, while Spearmint and Cool Mint adhere to the menthol flavour profile.

Best Sellers – £15 (saving £4.50)

The Best Sellers Bundle includes:

Enjoy our three most popular flavours, in light and regular strengths. Perfect for those looking for a mild nicotine experience. This bundle is a great entry point to ZYN nicotine pouches, as they’re a selection of our current users’ most popular flavours and strengths.

Mild Mix Pack bundle – £22.50 (saving £4.50)

Our Mild Mix Pack bundle features:

This pre-selected bundle offers ZYN users new and old a chance to try new flavours while enjoying current favourites. Designed more for light smokers and vapers, each can in this pack contains 20 pouches.

Strong Mix Pack bundle – £22.50 (saving £4.50)

This Strong Mix Pack bundle contains:

Designed for experienced nicotine users looking to transition to an inhalation-free way of using nicotine, the strong bundle is a great way to try new flavours – including our Extra Strong Cool Mint pouch with 9mg of nicotine and 16 pouches per can.

How to use ZYN

To use ZYN, simply place a nicotine pouch on the inside of your top lip. You will know the nicotine is activated when you feel our signature ZYNGLE.

Each nicotine pouch lasts up to 30 minutes, is tobacco-free and you won’t have to go to a designated smoking area to use ZYN.

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