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Available Now: ZYN Bellini Nicotine Pouches

At last! The summer months are upon us – longer nights and warmer days are here…and what better way to enjoy the good weather than with a refreshing Bellini cocktail?

Well, you can now have a  smoke-free alternative and enjoy a Bellini-flavoured nicotine pouch.

ZYN’s convenient, discreet nicotine pouches are now available in a refreshing flavour inspired by the ultimate summer aperitif, so you can transport your tastebuds to a bar overlooking the Mediterranean Sea even if you’re staying at home this summer.

The flavour, which comes in two strengths, is an ideal smoke-free alternative that enables you to enjoy nicotine without having to leave your friends and miss a moment.

How to use ZYN Bellini nicotine pouches

Simply pop the pouch between your upper lip and teeth and leave it there for a minimum of 5-10 minutes (maximum one hour), for a nicotine kick without the taste or smell of smoke.

Where to buy ZYN Bellini

ZYN’s Bellini nicotine pouches are available now and can be bought through our store. Try it for yourself today, see if it becomes your new favourite flavour of ZYN.

Our nicotine pouches are available in four other flavours: Citrus, Espressino, Cool Mint and Spearmint.



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