Behind ZYN

Celebrate World No Tobacco Day – With The Taste Of Tobacco

31st May is World No Tobacco Day. Set up by the World Health Organisation, this annual day is an opportunity to celebrate life without tobacco.

But what if (like us!) you actually like tobacco – the smell of it and taste of it? Is there any way to enjoy all the stuff we love about tobacco, without consuming the tobacco itself?

With new ZYN® Gold, that answer is yes.

Introducing new ZYN® Gold

Like all of our nicotine pouches, new ZYN® Gold is of course completely tobacco-free. But you’d never know. Because new ZYN® Gold has been carefully and expertly designed to offer the smooth flavour of Virginia tobacco, perfectly balanced with a hint of sweetness.

Available in 3mg and 6mg, new ZYN® Gold provides a satisfying tobacco taste experience – without the tobacco. Making it ideal for taking to the pub to enjoy with a pint, or after a coffee when you’re catching up with your mates.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, new ZYN® Gold hits the spot for 100% tobacco flavour, 0% tobacco.

Exclusive to ZYN®

You won’t find this flavour with any of the other big nicotine pouch brands. An authentic tobacco taste is not an easy thing to get right. Both the fragrance and flavour are highly tricky to capture and recreate in mini nicotine pouches.

All of which explains why we’re the only major nicotine pouch brand with a tobacco flavour.

ZYN® fans love it already

Here at ZYN, we love new ZYN® Gold. But what do real nicotine pouch users think?

Early feedback from ZYN® fans is overwhelmingly positive. 3 out of 4 said they would recommend it to other nicotine pouch users.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Smooth, mellow, satisfying”

“Sweet and smoky”

“Mellow, moreish, magical”

“I love it”

So next time you head to the pub or fancy a coffee, pop in a pouch of new ZYN® Gold.

You can buy it right here at or at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Evapo and many independent vape and tobacconist stores.



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