Behind ZYN

The Birth of the Nicotine Pouch

Nicotine pouches have been a long time coming. Some might argue they are long overdue…

For too long, people that enjoy nicotine have had to choose between combustible tobacco products, which you can only enjoy at home or in outside spaces, and e-cigarettes or vape pens. The latter provided hope as smoke-free alternatives, but were quickly hit with the same restrictions cigarettes are subject to without considering the significant differences between smoking and vaping. What other options did we have? Standing outside in the cold? Things were looking grim.

Nicotine pouches are the solution, offering a discreet, non-disruptive way of enjoying nicotine on your terms. Using them couldn’t be easier, simply place a pouch between your gum and top lip. Enjoy the taste one of five refreshing flavours, along with the steady delivery of nicotine until the pouch is used up – all without missing a moment.

Countries like Sweden and Norway have taken tobacco orally, without smoke, since the 18th century. Back in 2016 Swedish Match had the smart idea of introducing this concept to the US (and now the the UK too), only removing the tobacco and replacing it with refined, high quality nicotine. A simple change but a successful one, with over 100 million cans of ZYN selling in the US alone each year. Here, we break down the reasons why the tobacco to nicotine change is more impactful than it first seems.

Strength in simplicity

The simplicity of using nicotine pouches, how easily you can pop one under your lip, is their greatest strength. No longer will you need to worry about annoying those around you with smoke – nicotine pouches are ready to use and enjoy at a moment’s notice.

No more smoking areas

Not only are nicotine pouches easy to use, they’re discreet too. Because nicotine pouches are smoke-free, they can be enjoyed wherever you are – with friends, family, in the thick of a two-hour meeting, while crowded into public transport, you name it. You no longer need to excuse yourself and escape to a smoking area – you can stay together.

When you try ZYN for the first time, you soon realise the doors that nicotine pouches reopen to you…

A conversation starter

Friends still married to combustible tobacco products, who used to join you outside in the same smoking areas you are now spared from visiting, will no doubt be curious about your change in routine. They’ll wonder how nicotine pouches work, how you use them, and before long that committed smoker will be nipping out of bars, restaurants and all of the rest on their own. They’ll have questions, and you’ll have the answers. You’ll even be able to point them to the same free sample page you might have started your nicotine pouch journey with.

The birth of nicotine pouches is the logical next step for those consumers who want to continue using  nicotine, but do not necessarily want to use combustible nicotine. With ZYN, Swedish Match are building on the experiences of other countries where nicotine is traditionally consumed orally, and which in effect has resulted in record low levels of smoking and as a result a steady decline in smoking-related illnesses.

With nicotine pouches, you never need to excuse yourself from a moment. You never need to leave a conversation, or miss the punchline of a joke. You never need to miss your favourite song at a concert, or the all-important twist in a summer blockbuster.

Nicotine pouches make nicotine fit in with you and your lifestyle, no longer interrupting your life and making what was once a social habit, feel antisocial. Browse the full range below to see what the fuss is about.



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