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What Does the Future Hold for Nicotine?

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With the UK’s go smoke-free campaign in full effect and the risks associated with smoking tobacco being common knowledge, tobacco-free alternatives to smoking are becoming the norm for people to get a hit of nicotine.

In this article, we explore what has led to the changing landscape of nicotine consumption, what future nicotine use will look like, and how nicotine pouches offer a cleaner, more convenient alternative to smoking.

Why has nicotine use changed?

There are several factors that have impacted how and why nicotine is used. More recently, advancements in technology and the introduction of vaporisers have led to people ditching cigarettes for vaping.

The main reason for this shift in smoking habits comes from an increased awareness of the health risks of smoking tobacco, including numerous types of cancer and heart complications. People are looking to vaping and nicotine gums, patches and pouches as cleaner ways of getting a hit of nicotine.

What does the future hold for nicotine use?

The government’s commitment to the go smoke-free campaign has also led people to change their smoking habits. Their Smokefree 2030 effort aims to reach a point where under 5% of the population smokes and smoking is no longer considered normal.

With this target in mind, some local authorities have even banned smoking in outdoor cafes, pubs and restaurants to dissuade people from smoking.

As part of these plans to reduce the areas in which people can smoke, vaping has also been affected. Many establishments are participating in the go smoke-free campaign by implementing policies and imposing blanket bans on smoking and vaping.

Alternatives to smoking

As people move away from smoking cigarettes and towards tobacco-free methods of taking nicotine, several alternatives to smoking have become popular.

As mentioned previously, nicotine gum, patches and pouches have all grown in popularity. However, nicotine gum and patches are more widely used as tools to help people quit smoking completely.

While vaping is the most common alternative to smoking, there are still risks associated with inhaling the vapour. Since 2016, there have been three fatalities linked to vaping products in the UK1.

Nicotine pouches, like ZYN, are a great alternative to consuming nicotine without inhalation or combustion. One key benefit of using nicotine pouches is that, unlike vaping and smoking, you will not be required to head out to a designated smoking area. You can enjoy ZYN wherever you are, without worrying about second-hand inhalation.

Where to buy ZYN nicotine pouches

You can buy ZYN nicotine pouches right here on the ZYN website. Our nicotine pouches are available in several different flavours too, from classic cool mint and spearmint flavours to the Italian cocktail-inspired Bellini flavour.

ZYN nicotine pouches are even available in different strengths, to ensure you receive an adequate amount of nicotine. Choose from Mellow (1.5mg), Regular (3mg), Strong (6mg), and Extra Strong (9mg) to tailor your ZYN experience to your needs.

How to use ZYN nicotine pouches

To use a ZYN nicotine pouches, just pop a pouch under your top lip and enjoy up to an hour of nicotine.

1 Vaping in England: 2021 evidence update summary



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