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Cost of Living Crisis – How Much Does Smoking Cost?

With the cost of living and inflation rising, but current wages in the UK seemingly stagnating, more and more people are feeling the pinch.

As people look to tighten their belts, one of the first things to go is luxuries and things that people can live without, like meals out and trips to the pub.

One of the biggest costs to people is smoking, with a pack of 20 cigarettes costing around £13 a time, it can be a significant drain on a person’s bank account.

Here, we examine the cost of smoking in the UK, whether you roll your own or buy packets of cigarettes. We’ll also look at how ZYN nicotine pouches can be a cheaper, reduced-risk alternative to smoking during the cost of living crisis and beyond…

What is the average cost of smoking per year?

According to guidance from the Office for National Statistics, the average price of 20 king-size cigarettes in the UK is £12.70.1 This works out at 63.5p per cigarette.

Even for those who only smoke socially, i.e. buying one pack per week, this will still cost over £650 per year. So, as the cost of living increases, it may be a good time to look for alternatives to the way you approach nicotine use.

Using this information, the cost of smoking 20 cigarettes per day is £4,635.50 a year. See how much smoking could be costing you per year with our cost of smoking calculator below.

What are the alternatives to smoking?

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to smoking, using ZYN nicotine pouches may be for you.

Each can of ZYN costs £6.50 and includes 20 pouches that supply up to 30 minutes of nicotine per pouch. ZYN’s also available in several different strengths and flavours too, so you tailor your experience to suit your current nicotine intake.

Discover what strength of ZYN is right for you in our helpful blog, which explains how many milligrams of nicotine is in each strength of ZYN pouch.

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How to save money on ZYN pouches

Whether you’re yet to use ZYN or you’re a seasoned pro using our nicotine pouches, you can save money on our site…

  • Get a free sample – if you’re new to ZYN, simply create an account, tick yes to get our emails, get your code, choose your preferred strength and flavour, and then enter the code at the checkout! It’s that easy.
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So, not only does a can of 20 ZYN pouches cost around half of a pack of 20 cigarettes, you can save even more money on our website.

To get to grips with all-things ZYN, including How to Use ZYN Nicotine Pouches, as well as information on What Happens When You Go Smoke-Free and if the number of people smoking has gone down, explore our blog.

Cost of smoking in the UK calculator

The table below calculates the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cost of smoking in the UK based on an average cigarette price of 63.5 pence (rounded up to the nearest penny).

 Cigarettes per day  Daily cost smoking  Weekly cost of smoking  Monthly cost of smoking  Yearly cost of smoking
1 63.5p £4.45 £17.80 £231.78
2 £1.27 £8.89 £35.56 £436.55
3 £1.91 £13.34 £53.34 £697.15
4 £2.54 £17.78 £71.12 £927.10
5 £3.18 £22.23 £88.90 £1,160.07
6 £3.81 £26.67 £106.68 £1,390.65
7 £4.45 £31.12 £124.45 £1,624.25
8 £5.08 £35.56 £142.24 £1,854.20
9 £5.72 £40.01 £160.01 £2,087.80
10 £6.35 £44.45 £177.80 £2,317.75
11 £6.99 £48.90 £195.56 £2,551.35
12 £7.62 £53.34 £213.36 £2,781.30
13 £8.26 £57.79 £231.14 £3,014.90
14 £8.89 £62.23 £248.92 £3,244.85
15 £9.53 £66.68 £266.70 £3,478.45
16 £10.16 £71.12 £284.48 £3,708.40
17 £10.80 £75.57 £302.26 £3,942
18 £11.43 £80.01 £320.04 £4,171.95
19 £12.07 £84.46 £337.82 £4,405.55
20 £12.70 £88.90 £355.60 £4,635.50

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1 Office for National Statistics (2022) ‘RPI: Ave price – Cigarettes 20 king size filter’ <> [Accessed: 12 September 2022]



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